Don’t Talk to Cops-Ever

The summation of these very interesting videos is this: Don’t Talk to Cops, Ever. Even if you are completely innocent. Nothing good can come of you speaking with an officer about anything. Watch and learn.

Here is a veteran detective discussing his tactics and other important information to a law school class, watch and learn.

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Implant Stimulator for Chronic Back Pain

Given that so many of my clients have severe chronic pain, this article from Popular Science may give some hope. Perhaps this, or something similar will one day save so many people from such debilitating pain.

Apparently it works by keeping the pain signals from reaching your brain, thus you never feel a thing. Perhaps no drugs needed!

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Workers Compensation Claimant Scholarships that may be Avaliable

It was just made aware to me that there may be educational scholarships available to West Virginia claimant’s children who qualify. This was passed to me by a friend who happened to see it on the internet. Call to find out more information.  The text below is exactly as it was provided to me:

(Four Year College, Two Year College, University, Vocational/Occupational/Scholarship)
Purpose: Awarded to children (between the ages of 16-25) of a parent(s) injured in a WV work-related accident. Preference shall be given to students with financial need, academic performance, leadership abilities, demonstrated and potential contributions to school and community who are pursuing any field of study in any accredited trade, vocational school, college, or university. May apply for two Foundation scholarships but will only be chosen for one. Qualif.:Applicant must be: 16-25 years old, full-time student. All scholarships are for high school seniors. You must be a West Virginia resident. Award available to U.S. citizens.
Funds Avail.: Minimum no. of awards: 9. Minimum award amount: $1000. No. and Amount Awarded Last Calendar Year: 11 scholarship(s), totalling $11,000. To Apply: Required: application form; transcript; financial need analysis; essay; reference(s); IRS 1040 form, worker’s compensation number. Deadline: 2/17. Contact: Susan Hoover, Scholarship Coordinator, 304-346-3620.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this scholarship and I am providing this information only so that my clients can potentially obtain this for their children. Please use caution and you own independent judgment to find out if this is a good idea for you or your child.

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