Workers Compensation in West Virginia FAQ

West Virginia Workers Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are general questions that you may have about the Rollins Law Office and any of our practices, procedures, or policies specifically concerning West Virginia Workers Compensation only. Please contact us for more details involving any questions you may have. All answers are not legal advice. Please review our Disclaimer for more information.

What is West Virginia Workers Compensation?

A West Virginia Workers Compensation case begins when you receive a work-related injury while in the course of your employment. At the time of the injury you must report the injury to your employer immediately or as soon as possible afterwards.

Is my initial meeting for Workers Compensation with the Rollins Law Office free?

It depends. Our typical consultation is free for the first thirty minutes. Afterwards, there may be a nominal fee depending on your situation. Settlement reviews are subject to a specific fee as described below. Please contact us for more information.

Are Workers Compensation cases always contingency fee?

Yes. They are always contingent on us winning for you. Our fee agreement is pursuant to a West Virginia statute that determines allows attorneys to receive 20% of the award the claimant receives up to statutory maximum amount.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee is where the client pays nothing up front. The attorney only takes a fee when the client wins and is awarded benefits.

What documents do I need to bring to my initial meeting?

Everything you can! Please bring any medical records, any denial, award, or authorization letters, your initial paperwork, and any other relevant document. If there is any question about whether you should bring it, bring it! Also you can ask us what to bring specifically when you make your initial appointment by Contacting Us.

What is the West Virginia Workers Compensation litigation process like?

There are generally three levels of appeals. When you receive a protestable order from the claims administrator that you are unhappy with, you must then protest the order to the Office of Judges (OOJ). If you are unhappy with the OOJ’s decision, you can appeal it to the Board of Review. If you aren’t successful at the Board of Review, you must then appeal it to the West Virginia Supreme Court. Each appeal can take anywhere from a few months to almost a year.

There is a word or phrase on one of my workers compensation documents that I do not understand?

Please visit our Definitions Page for a continually updated list of common workers compensation terms. (Coming Soon).

Where is the Rollins Law Office located?

We are located in Morgantown, West Virginia at the Monongahela Building next to the Monongalia County Courthouse on High Street.  For more contact informationFor a map providing directions to our office from your current location. Depending on your circumstances, we will meet you anywhere, anytime to discuss your case.