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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are general questions that you may have about the Rollins Law Office and any of our practices, procedures, or policies. Please contact us for more details involving any questions you may have. All answers are not legal advice. Please review our Disclaimer for more information.

What is a Personal Injury?

A personal Injury is when you are injured, either physically, mentally, or economically, as the result of someone else’s action, conduct, or negligence. Personal Injuries typically arise from car crashes, accidents, or collisions, slip and falls, 0r other accidents.

Is my Personal Injury or Wrongful Death initial meeting with the Rollins Law Office free?

Always. Our Personal Injury and Wrongful Death consultations are always fee for any length of time. Please contact us for more information.

Are Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases always contingency fee?

Yes. They are always contingent on us winning for you.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee is where the client pays nothing up front. The attorney only takes a fee when the client wins, settles, or otherwise receives compensation.

What Percentage is your Contingency Fee Typically?

Personal Injury and Wrongful death contingency fee percentages range from 20% to 40% depending on the type of your case and the particular circumstances surrounding your case.

How long does my Personal Injury case last?

Although every case is different, it is typically for your case to be resolved a few months to a year following your release from treatment by your doctors. Statistically, most cases settle out of court without a trial; however, given the right circumstances, trying your case may be to your significant advantage.

Where is the Rollins Law Office located?

We are located in Morgantown, West Virginia at the Monongahela Building next to the Monongalia County Courthouse on High Street.  For more contact informationFor a map providing directions to our office from your current location. Depending on your circumstances, we will meet you anywhere, anytime to discuss your case.

What forms of payment do you accept for Personal Injury or Wrongful Death cases?

Of course in contingency fee cases, there are no upfront fees.

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