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Friday May 28th 2010

Divorce, Family, and Children Related Issues


We will help you through the difficult emotionally charged matters related to divorce, annulment, child custody, child support, adoptions, and other issues. With every client we will efficiently and effectively handle your case.


Name Changes


Child Custody

Legal Separations


Child Support

Child Support Collection

Protective Orders (Domestic Violence Protection Orders)

What information do I need to bring for my Attorney?

Please bring, when possible the following: all Financial Documents including, but not limited to individual and business income tax returns for past three years, proof of your current income and spouse’s current income, mortgages, credit card statements, utility bills, and bank statements, prenuptial and/or postnuptial agreements, life and health insurance policies, personal property lists-including furnishings, jewelry, artwork, computers, equipment, clothing and whatever else you own. lists of property owned by each spouse prior to marriage and that obtained after marriage obtained individually by gift or inheritance, list of contents of safety deposit boxes, and any wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and durable powers of attorney.

Disclaimer – Warning

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