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Friday May 28th 2010

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Social Security Disability and SSI

We routinely handle Social Security applications, appeals, and hearings before Administrative Law Judges. As set by law, we do not take a fee of any kind whatsoever unless you obtain SSI or Social Security Disability. Applying: If you are considering applying for Social Security please [...]

Workers Compensation Definitions

West Virginia Workers' Compensation Definitions Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Independent Medical Examination (IME) Whole Body Impairment Rule 20

Workers Compensation Litigation Flow Chart

This is a flow chart illustrating a common scenario in workers' compensation litigation in West Virginia. It is by no means all inclusive and is just an example. Your individual case may proceed in a significantly different manner. 

Wills and Trusts

Simple Wills Ideal for the average person who does not own a business or need complex trusts. Great for individuals with small families or individuals with little need for estate planning or tax considerations. Complex Wills Ideal for those who want to set up trusts for their loved ones [...]

Workers’ Compensation

West Virginia The Rollins Law Office actively pursues the practice of representing the claimant in West Virginia Workers' Compensation law. We understand the frustrating nature of the system for the claimant and we will continually fight to get as much as the system will allow. Potential [...]

Workers’ Compensation Intake Form